Name | Jasmine Williams

Sun Sign | LEO
Ascendant Sign | LEO

What are your hobbies/ What do you enjoy doing?

What is one thing you can't live without?

Jasmine Williams, a granddaughter to the revolutionary black artist, activist and teacher, Marie Johnson Calloway. Jasmine has continued her lineage in the traditions of mixed media art, sewing, and jewelry making. It is this influence that has fueled the launch of Hella Charged & LIT. The year 2020 holds significance, it would have been the 100th year of her grandmothers life and for Jasmine, the beginning of motherhood.

Her mother, April Watkins, also an artist and teacher, taught Jasmine the value of self empowerment and spirituality. She exposed Jasmine to world traveling and encouraged her continued appreciation for cultural diversity. April taught Jasmine that anything she wanted is attainable. She taught her to embrace being an empath and to continuously tap into the magical power within.

Her sister, Heather Watkins, also a maternal figure, taught her about the power of manifestation and the importance of setting intention. To trust the Universe/God and that energy is everywhere around us and in all things. Jasmine learned from her the importance of mindfulness and gratitude. That setting intention has a profound impact on the outcome desired. 

Jasmine is a business coach with over 10 years of experience as graphic designer/web developer. She continues to protest digitally by using graphic images to amplify social justice, and advocate for equality, and black empowerment.

Blending her connection to the arts with her value in building community, she has served as a cultural ambassador in the Bay Area. She has facilitated community events while bridging diverse cultural groups and igniting needed conversations.

Jasmine also has a fitness line, check out her other brand Hella Snatched.

Hella Charged & LIT is dedicated to the maternal influences in Jasmine's life. To the power of motherhood!