Our Story

Hella Charged & Lit is a culmination of vegan coconut wax candles, unique beaded jewelry and sewn products all handmade by yours truly, Bay Area artisan Jasmine Williams.

Hella Charged & Lit was inspired by and is dedicated to the maternal figures in my life. My natural empathic nature and personal journey of holistic health and wellness lead me to create Hella Charged & Lit. I have battled with anxiety for as along as I can remember, but it wasn’t until I experienced a variety of critical fertility challenges that I realized how important was to find my inner calm. My frustration with western medicine led me towards alternative healing practices, including acupuncture, spiritual work and crystal healing.

Hella Charged & Lit is a lifestyle that revolves around protecting one's aura while practicing continuous holistic growth, healing and self-awareness. Ultimately, it means being hella charged up and lit at the same time. 

Social & environmental Change + Sustainability 

Our Approach

Hella Charged & LIT is Black owned and woman owned. All of our handmade products are made by Black hands and made in small batches.  The few products that are not handmade, such as the Affirmation Card Deck, are created by Black women. 

Being self-aware and conscious of our societal impact, we continuously aim to limit our carbon footprint as much as possible while providing high quality products. Our coconut wax candles are a more sustainable and healthier option compared to trending soy and majority paraffin wax candles. 


What makes our candles vegan? Surprisingly, many candles are not!  But you’ll be happy to know that no bees were harmed or taken advantage of during the making of our candles. We consciously avoid using any hardening additives like beeswax in our products. As a result, our candles are extremely soft.


All of are candles are made with a luxurious proprietary blend of primarily coconut and vegetable wax. Our wax is vegan, cruelty-free, phthalate-free, and petroleum-free.


Our candle vessels and herbal bath containers have been chosen with the intention of being repurposed once your candle has finished burning. Our herbal bath containers are perfect for plant propagation, and our cement vessels can be used as planters.


We have chosen to use only recyclable materials, such as glass and aluminum.  We encourage you to recycle your discarded container if you don’t find another use for your vessel.