Hella charged & Lit was inspired by my natural empathic nature and personal journey of holistic health and wellness. As long as I can remember, I have battled with anxiety, but it wasn’t until I had experienced a variety critical fertility challenges that I realized how important finding my inner calm was. My frustration with western medicine lead me towards alternative healing practices including acupuncture, spiritual work and crystal healing. I discovered that the amount of stress I was allowing my body to hold was manifesting as ailments.

Although it’s still my greatest challenge, I continuously work to find a sense of calm and inner peace. I constantly aim to shift my subconscious by taking time and space for selfceare and healing. I work at being more vulnerable, willing, and self-aware. 

Hella Charged and Lit represents a lifestyle that revolves around protecting one's aura while practicing continuous holistic growth and self-awareness. To ultimately become hella charged up and lit at the same time.